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John Hardy - Builder of Mic Preamps
(Not currently available)
TapeOp interview, issue #15 Jan/Feb 2000. Interview and Photos by Steve Silverstein.

NOTE: This article appears to be unavailable to view at this time (August 9, 2013). According to TapeOp, "This issue's content will be online soon."
Bill Park Interviews John Hardy
(Not currently available)
Bill Park's interesting and informative interview with John Hardy for ProRec.com.

NOTE: ProRec.com may, or may not, restore old interviews. Check "So where are all the older articles?" on prorec.com for their plans. If you want to read the Bill Park interview, please let them know! Thank you.
http://www.jensentransformers.com Jensen Transformers, Inc. is a manufacturer and developer of high performance audio transformers. Many excellent white papers and application notes are available.
Where Has Your Signal Been Today? Image depicting several different possible 'life cycles' of a sound.
Mic Pre-amp Evaluation Methodology
Article by John Hardy, from Recording Engineer/Producer, November 1988.
Outboard Mic Pre-amps: What's the Deal?
Article by John Hardy, from Recording Engineering Production, November 1990.
990C Reliability
Building a kit? Experimenting? Not sure which end of the soldering iron to grab? Please read this!
The Coffee Report
It's easy to make a great cup of coffee. I wrote this to have some fun with the research I was doing to transform the coffee-making situation at my church. We now have some of the best coffee in town.

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